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They Don't Know Us

So I google “Black women” just to see what pops up. The first three images are of seriously cutie pie, darker skin sistahs and then I get to the links and ...oh lord.
The first is an article about 20 famous white celebrities that married Black women….Um….what?

Oh I get it.

The most relevant Black women are the ones white celebrity dudes find hot enough to wife up? ...Am I supposed to get excited?

Who gives a shit?

Yes, men of other races find us hot, fall in love with us, wife us up…and??

 Are these Black women supposed to be unicorns? Like an 1815 Barnum and Bailey oddity?

Where’s the bearded lady?...Where are the Siamese twins?

Should this really be the FIRST link?

The second article was a Huffington Post article about Black women dying at the hands of the police, starting with Sandra Bland

There’s no joke here, just….Dayum.

Our relationship to white people who feel our heat and…death

Black women are smiles. Black women are hair. Black women are daughters. Black women are education. Black women are fashion. Black women are in EVERY FIELD IN THE WORLD.

Black women….They don't know us. They just don't know us.


Hollie Harper