What's American Candy?

The American Candy Story

AMERICAN CANDY is Crackalicious Sketch & Musical Comedy for the Majority.

AMERICAN CANDY is the love child of 'In Living Color' and 'The Carol Burnett Show.' Combining the sass and edge of Color with the intelligence and heart of Burnett. 

AMERICAN CANDY Celebrates the Deliciousness & Diversity of American Pop Culture! 

AMERICAN CANDY was founded as the vision of Creative Director Hollie Harper and Michael Pauley, Artistic Director of the Hyperion Theatre Project. Both of these comedy lovers had considerable experience with improvisation and sketch comedy and thought it would be great to funnel their passion for comedy and theater into a brand new venture. Thus, AMERICAN CANDY was born.

Combining smart humor with cheeky songs and dance routines, the show's writers use themes like Welcome to the 80s, Asalaam A Christmas and Politics as Usual to hone in on the pulse of American idiosyncrasies to wring humor form the most unlikely situations.

Hollie Harper exec produces the show with a troupe comprised of forty actors and ten writer-directors. With many sold-out shows, AMERICAN CANDY enjoys a dedicated and diverse fan base. The troupe has been invited to perform for The Soul Glo Project at Upright Citizens Brigade, the IFNY Monologue Slam at Long Island University's Kumble Theater and works with Nia Productions to bring comedy to underserved communities

Meet the team

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